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Text Layer Configuration

Add new text layer

To add text to Artwork, click on the text icon

Add text layer

If you upload artwork from a PSD file, the system will not recognize the text layers and will consider them as image layers. In this case, you will not be able to customize the layer as text. You need to add a conversion step from image to text as follows: Right click on the image layer to convert and click convert

Convert layer

After adding a new text layer:
It's a preview of the text
They are formats for text like familiar applications (word, excel...).
It's the area to set for text: value and personalized parts

Text layer

Text Settings

Rename For Text:

We name the text to remember the content of that text. (For example, someone's name, or decorative text, etc.)
Edit title

If you want to change the name of the layer, click the edit icon or double-click the layer's name in the left panel.


In case, all users use global fonts and you want to use custom fonts, you can upload new fonts by clicking the Upload font button and then selecting the file to upload (only support TTF font) to add custom.


If you want to change the font family, we just need to select the appropriate font from the font list.

Format text

The system supports the following basic formats:

Align: left, right, center
Line height: the height of the text, and the width of the text spacing
Text color: text color for text
Text border: border color and border thickness
Shading: color, opacity, side of the shadow
Position relative to the layer: above, below the layer, right and left the layer.
Text settings such as: width, height, upper and lower spacing, rotation, slant.

Personalized Feature

Using the Allow personalized function will allow customers to manually enter content for the text.


The heading name for the form text on the storefront.
For example: Type your name, Woman's name, Dog's name... (as the above picture)

Placeholder Text

A temporary text appears in the text field when the field is not yet valid.
Example: Type your name here

Is required

Checking if the text field has content or not, if there is no value, it is required to enter the value.

Help text

The part of the content that needs to be displayed when additional captions are needed for the text.

Text character limit

Limit the number of characters the customer can enter.

Advanced Settings Function

Detail article Advanced Settings for layer

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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