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Push Campaign To Stores

Push campaign to Store

After you have created and saved a Campaign with all the necessary information, the next is to start posting it to the Stores. Please click the Push to stores button. This modal will display the verified Stores in your account, the status of the Campaign, the status of the push to the stores or the link to the created Product.

push to stores.

Campaign states:

Gray: When the Campaign has been updated to the latest version on the store, it means that the Campaign has been successfully pushed to the store.

Light orange: This color represents that the Campaign has been pushed to the store, but there is currently a change on PersonalBridge and the current version of the product on the store is not the latest version.

Red: When you have problems pushing Campaign to the store, the system will send this color with a reason. Please check and edit to make sure the issue is resolved if you want to push again.

Quick Push

In PersonalBridge, instead of selecting the Push button on each store line item, you can also select multiple stores and click the Push to selected stores button to push the Campaign to multiple Stores at once.

Push campaign to stores.

After the Campaign has been successfully pushed, you can check the product link again by clicking the Arrow button, or the eye icon to view the product on the Stores.

Link to product

Video tutorial

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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