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Personalized In Campaign


The Personalized fields displayed to the right of the Mockup section are the fields that have the Allow Personalized option in the Artwork you have selected. The images and operations here will show the changes on the corresponding Mockup section and the default fields on the Store without affecting the previously created artwork.

Personalized fields

Specific features of Personalized in Campaign:

1. Rearrange the order already in Artwork:

Only the Personalized fields are filtered and displayed here instead of displaying the fixed layers like in Artwork, so editing, arranging, selecting Template... is very simple before you decide to push it to the store.

You just need to drag and drop these fields at the position of the 2-way arrow and bring it to the appropriate position.

Order Personalized fields

Notice that the template field is fixed and high-priority so it will always be fixed at the top.

2. Select, check the clipart:

The names of the Personalized fields will be taken from the Title field itself, which previously configured in the Artwork.

To double check and ensure the correct position of the Clipart on the Mockup, you just need to select the Clipart, in the previously installed position in the Artwork will be updated, and when you select the image, text, clipart or template here, it also means that you are creating default configurations for products on the Store.

Personalized settings

3. Display clipart as a color switcher:

When the cliparts are images with the same content, only different in color, instead of displaying them as images, you can convert them to color switcher by:

Step 1: At the Cliparts page, select the Categories containing the Cliparts that you want to change. Click the Settings button.

Step 2: When the Categories Settings section appears, you can choose the display mode for the clipart. You can apply to all subcategories by clicking Apply this settings for all subcategories also then save.

Step 3: In each clipart, you can set the color that represent this clipart.

Note: You should choose the color that is most similar or closest to the clipart for easy management and easy understanding for users.

After Categories containing clipart have been set to Color switcher and the cliparts have been replaced color, it will display color boxes as shown.

Color switcher

After updating the Personalized section, click Save for Campaign so that all settings are saved.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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