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Payment Plan

We provide services at extremely reasonable prices to our users. This article will introduce you to the details of the service plan when using PersonalBridge.

Usage fee

Usage fee is a recurring fee that users need to pay monthly with a fixed cost of $39/month. In addition, the system will charge an additional fee for each order. The specific fees incurred are as follows:
Free for the first 20 orders.
$0.4/order until the 200th order.
$0.3/order until the 1,000th order.
$0.2/order until the 5,000th order.
$0.1/order for the 5,001th order onwards.

In addition, PersonalBridge also allows users to use a 14-day trial to experience all the unique and strong features before deciding to use the paid plan. With a 14-day trial, you can use the PersonalBridge app for free, but the app only supports auto fulfillment within the first 10 orders.

Upgrading from Trial to Premium Introductions

To upgrade from Trial to Premium, you need to go to Subscription -> Pricing plans and click Upgrade to Premium, then the system will redirect you to the payment page. After the system records a successful payment, the Premium package will be activated.

Cancelling plan Introductions

To cancel the current plan, you need to go to Subscriptions -> Overview, click Cancel Subscription.

Note: When you cancel the current paid plan, the plan's features will still be maintained until plan expiration date.

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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