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Overview Of Product Bases


Product base is simply understood as the products provided by the fulfillment service, for example, for the POD industry alone, we have common product bases such as: T-Shirt, Mug, Hoodie, Phone Case...

Once you have a complete artwork, you will need to combine this artwork with the product base to create specific products with distinct designs and reach the product with shoppers.


Each product base will be handled by a fulfillment service, so we have two main types of product bases: product base of builtin fulfillment service, product base of custom fulfillment service.

Product base of builtin fulfillment service

These are products provided by builtin fulfillment services eg: Customcat, Gearment, Merchize... These products have special configurations to automate the fulfillment process. With this type of product base, we provide an Import function to simplify and speed up the creation of the product base. See guide to import product base.

Product base of custom fulfillment service

These are products provided by custom fulfillment services, so you need to create these products yourself according to the description and requirements of the custom fulfillment service. See how to create a custom product base.

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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