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Option Layer Configuration

Option layer

Option layer is a type of layer to display a field as a dropdown, button, image switcher... the user can choose the corresponding value from these options.

For example, in the artwork you have an option with the label person that allows the buyer to choose the values: 4 persons, 5 persons... the option layer should be used.

To create a new option layer, you need to follow the below instructions:

First, we need to add a new option layer by clicking on the icon as below:

Next, create a value for the option in the layer setting


The heading name of the form options on the storefront.
For example, Number persons, Number Dog's ... (like the above photo)

Display mode

A style displays options in the forms (Dropdown, button, image, color ) on the storefront
If you do not change the display style, the system will use the Dropdown display style by default

Create options

To help users be able to select options, you need to create them via the + Add button. The system will create new rows that allow entering labels and values.

In addition, when using display mode: image switcher, color switcher, you need to upload more images or choose the appropriate color to match when displaying on Storefront.

For example:

Dropdown option

Button option

Image option

Color option

Note: it is recommended to create at least 2 options or more so that the display modes can work correctly.

Advanced Settings Function

The detailed article Advanced Settings for layer

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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