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Layer Advanced Settings

What are advanced settings?

The Advanced Settings function is used when you want to set the condition to hide or show a layer when the user changes the corresponding Personalized data. For each layer in the artwork, you can set one or more conditions at the same time.

For example: When you want customers to enter their own hastag, which is not in the list of designs you give in artwork, you can use additional conditions in Advanced settings as follows:

Hashtag Clipart

Customers can choose hashtag from the templates list provided by you, they can also enter their own hashtag with the following setup steps:

In the sample Hashtags, you create an empty hashtag to mark that the customer's choice is to enter their own Hashtag with the name Type Your Hashtag

Type Your Hashtag

Then, you create a Text Layer that allows customers to enter their custom hashtags, this layer has Advanced Settings configuration as follows

Enable conditions

This layer only appears on the condition that the customer selects Select Your Hashtag with the value Type Your Hashtag

Custom Hashtag

Advanced settings configuration steps

Enable Conditions

Select Enable Conditions to enable this function
Select the condition Show or Hide to specify the type of condition to hide or show the layer when the relevant values ​​satisfy the condition you specified.
Select the applicable rule: All or One or None corresponding to the Rules below:
+ All is when the values ​​of all the Rules below match.
+ One is when only one of those rules matches.
+ None is when all these rules do not match.
Add rules for setting the value of the condition, you need to set at least 1 rule for each layer. Each condition requires the following settings
Target Layer: is the specified layer to get the input value.
Conditions Equal to or Not equal to are to determine whether the customer selected value matches the value you set or vice versa.
Value set to compare with the value selected by the customer must match the above conditions.

Updated on: 30/09/2022

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