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1. What is PersonalBridge?

In the POD market, sellers always try to create good products to attract more customers and provide customers with the best online shopping experience. And we all know that selling Personalised products are led the trend in the POD industry currently.

So, If you are planning to sell customized products online, you easily get started with our newly launched application PersonalBridge - which provides a personalized solution for POD products with many outstanding features compared to other similar apps on the market.

Let’s sign up at and use it for free and experience the advantages of PersonalBridge now.

2. PersonalBridge's processing procedure

Upload cliparts:

Upload and organize your clipart by category to manage and use easily.

See more tutorials for creating and managing cliparts.

Create and configure artworks

Upload and configure your artwork with the artwork editor, you can configure personalized layers accordingly.

See more tutorials on creating and managing artworks.

Create campaigns

You need to associate artwork with one or more product bases to create the complete product.

See more configuring API instructions for the fulfillment, instructions for importing product bases, instructions for creating and managing campaigns.

Push campaign to online store & manage orders

Push your campaign to the online store and get ready to process new orders with PersonalBridge's auto-fulfill support function.

See more orders processing procedure.

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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