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Import Product Base

Instructions to import product base

Import product base function is used when you want to create product base of builtin fulfillment service, the system will help you create product base quickly and accurately. To use this function, you need to enter the correct API key for the builtin fulfillment service.

For example: if you want to import Customcat's T-Shirt base, firstly you need to configure the API key for Customcat fulfillment, see guide to configure API for fulfillment service.

To import a new product base, navigate to the Product Bases -> All Product Bases menu, select Import Base.

The system will display a list of product bases that can be imported, you can filter the list of product bases by each fulfillment then click Import.

At this time, the system will help you create the necessary information, you can update the title, description ... accordingly. In addition, you need to fill in the correct width and height for the Print areas section according to the standard size of each fulfillment. To get the standard size of each product base, you need to search on the information provided by the fulfillment service or contact the fulfillment service.

Typically, each product base will have a list of variations. In case you only sell certain variants, you can set the active/inactive status for each variant via the Quick active variants function by attributes or active/inactive for each variant.

Note: Only variants with active status will be pushed to the store.

Click Save Product Base to create a new product base, after the product base is created, you can configure mockup for product base.

Video tutorial

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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