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Image Artwork Configuration

Add a new photo

To add Image to Artwork, click the icon as below

Add image

The system supports 3 options to select photos:
Upload photos
Select photos from gallery
Upload a URL

After having successfully added an image, you can edit it so that the image layer displays in the way that best suits the artwork.

The system supports editing in 2 basic formats
Position: Helps to adjust the position of the image above or below another layer, and align the default positions on the screen
Advance: Helps to adjust the height, width, image position, rotation, and tilt of the image

Layer Settings image

Layer setting is used to change an existing image with a new one or to enable the Allow personalized function.

Allow personalized: is a setting to turn the current layer into a personalized layer, depending on the personalization settings of the layer, customers can upload their own image or choose an image in the clipart category to create distinctive features of that product

For example: When you want customers to be able to change the below cat photo with any of their photos, just checked personalized to customize it, fill in the label, help text ...accordingly.

Label is the item name that will appear on your storefront. If you leave this field blank, the label will be obtained by the name of the layer when you upload it.

Help text
Help text is the short text displayed below of the label.

Using value of
The system supports 2 main types of personalization: clipart category or upload images

Clipart category
This option allows the buyer to select an image among the available images from the clipart category. You need to specify a clipart category in choose category

Upload images
This option allows buyers to upload their own photos. As soon as the photo is uploaded, the system will display a screen that allows the buyer to crop the image so that they can adjust the image size accordingly.

When you use the upload images option, you can also specify the minimum size of the image through the min width section.

For example
If you're configuring an artwork that allows buyers to personalize the "cat" layer by uploading their own photos, you'll need to select upload image for Using value of
Artwork campaign

The buyer can upload their own photos and the system will display a crop screen that allows them to crop the image to the standard size.

After cropping the image, the system will display the results so that the buyers can preview, from which they can adjust the information if necessary.

Advanced Settings Function

Detail article Advanced Settings for layer

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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