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How To Create A Campaign


To create a new Campaign, you can click the Start New Campaign button on the app bar or + Add New at the Campaign management page.

Option 1: Start New Campaign

Option 2: Add New Campaign.

Select Product Base

Select the corresponding Product Base for your Campaign by clicking the Add base button, after the first Product Base is selected, the system will automatically filter those Product Bases with similar attributes.

Select Product Base

Selected Product Base

The selected Product Bases will appear to the right of the select base box, and simultaneously their Add Base button will also be disabled. Click the X button if you want to remove the inappropriate Product Base. Please select at least 1 Product Base to create Campaign. After selecting, click Config Campaign to go to the next step.

Selected Product Base

General Settings

Click the << button to display the view according to your needs.
In addition to the selected Product Bases, you can click Add more product base to add the Base, the operation here will be the same as Select Product Base, or click the X button to remove it from the Campaign. You can also drag and drop (Drag/Drop) to arrange the Product Base position reasonably before displaying the product on the store.

Product information fields:
Title: Display name of Campaign.
Collections: Which Collection does your campaign belong to, create new or select existing ones.
Tags: Tag the Campaign.
Description: Detailed description for the Campaign.

General Setting

Print Areas

The number of Print Areas will depend on the selected Product Base, click on the position where you want to select the corresponding Artwork.

Print Areas

After clicking on the selected position, the app will show you a window where all default Artworks are displayed, you can choose Category in the left tab to make it easier to find compatible artwork. After selecting the Artwork, click the OK button or double click on the Artwork to continue.

Choose Artwork

Once the Artwork is selected, you can edit it directly in the Campaign, delete or change it if it's not compatible. You can learn to how to edit, delete, or create a complete Artwork at Artwork Designer (Editor).

Selected Artwork

Campaign Preview

The Mockup section is viewed in combination between the print area and the selected Artwork. You can add Mockup by clicking on + box or edit, delete existing Mockup. Detailed instructions will be shown in Mockup Editor.

In this section, if you need to preview, you can change the value and position of the Personalized fields like Text, Cliparts, Upload Images on the right side of the screen. Along with that this section still supports you to Add more Product Base, show the available Variants of the Campaign.

Campaign Preview

Video tutorial

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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