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Order trackings

Once an order is fulfilled, the fulfillment system will provide a tracking code, which you can check to get updates on the shipments. It will help you to support your customers better, as well as resolve some unexpected issues like delay, late ship or lost package...

with PersonalBridge, we support you using TrackingMore, an all-in-one global package tracking tool. All you need to do is to enable its function and enter your TrackingMore API key. As soon as the items are shipped, tracking codes will be submitted to your online store and notifications wll be sent to the buyers.

Use tracking code management function with TrackingMore API

To use this function, you need to access menu Settings -> General, enable and enter TrackingMore API key, then modify delay time in order that the system schedules to push tracking codes to store when tracking codes change to the appropriate status.

In addition, you can set the actions that the system provides when your TrackingMore API request is expired. Then we can support to push the tracking codes to store after N days or without any actions.

Fill in TrackingMore API key

To get API key from TrackingMore, you can go to menu Get API Key on TrackingMore Website or access URL link below:, if you don't have any API key, you can enter API Key Name and click Generate, the system will generate a new API key or you can copy existing API keys.

Then enter API key to TrackingMore API Key box and click Save Changes.

After filling in TrackingMore API key, you need to enter the webhook in reverse of TrackingMore so that the system can receive the latest updates of tracking codes when there is a change on TrackingMore. You need to copy the value of TrackingMore Webhook URL box:

Fill in TrackingMore Webhook URL

You need to access to menu Webhook on TrackingMore dashboard or click the link below: enter Webhook URL then click Save

Use the default system action.

In case you don't want to use TrackingMore API, we can support you to push the tracking codes to store automatically after a particular time (which was set previously) since the system receives tracking codes from fulfillment services.

You can set the time so that the system automatically pushes the tracking codes to store by hours, days, or Do nothing.

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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