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Fulfillment Services Overview

What is Fulfillment service?

In the field of POD, fulfillment service is printer suppliers that receive your orders to print and ship them to customers.

Builtin fulfillment services

In PersonalBridge, we support up to the 5 most popular printer suppliers: Scalable Press, Merchize, Dreamship, Gearment, Customcat. These printing suppliers are collectively known as Builtin fulfillment services to distinguish them from custom fulfillment services.

To use Builtin fulfillment services, you just need to fill in the API key, then can use it immediately. See instructions for configuring the API key for Builtin fulfillment services.

Custom fulfillment services

You can use supported builtin fulfillment services and also create your own custom fulfillment. This function will be very suitable in case you have your own supplier.

For example, if you have your own supplier in China, you can create a custom fulfillment to differentiate it from other fulfillments. The system will support you to export order to fulfill csv according to custom fulfillment.

See instructions for creating a custom fulfillment service.

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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