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Export Templates


Export template is a function that allows you to create your own templates when exporting orders, the exported data will be organized according to the structure that you built when creating the export template.

Create a new export template

To create a new export template you need to access the Settings -> Export Templates, click Add export template.

The system will display the New Export Template screen, you can edit the settings accordingly.

Fill in the template name.
You can change the order of a column by dragging to move the column position.
You can edit the column name.
You need to choose type for the column value. We support two types: Defined value and Custom value.
+ Defined value are the defined values ​in the system such as Product Name, Product SKU, Order ID...
+ Custom value are custom values ​​entered by you.
Select or enter a value for the column.

In addition, you can add a new column by clicking the Add New Column button or delete a column via the delete icon:

Finally, click Save Template to save the changes.

Edit template

To edit the template you need to access the menu Settings -> Export Templates, click on the template to edit.

Update the configuration of the template and click Save template to save the changes.

Delete template

To delete a template, click on the delete icon of the template you want to delete, then confirm that you are sure to delete it. The system will delete the template when you click Yes.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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