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Edit Mockup

Mockup Editor

The Mockup Editor screen is divided into 3 parts:

The upper part (number 1) is where you can manage your existing Mockups, add new Mockups, or rearrange their positions.

The left part (number 2) to manage layers, print area (Print Area), image, ...

The main part (number 3), here you can view, drag and drop, resize Image,...

Edit Mockup


This tab will support you to add print area, edit, change position, hidden, lock or unlock existing layers, and move the position, size of layers on mockup by selecting layers, dragging and dropping directly on the View Mockup section.

Print areas


In the Settings tab, you can change the mockup preview color according to the variants color and apply mockups settings for which variants by switching directly in the Variants table or selecting variants under Attributes.


Clipping mask

In mockup, clipping mask mode helps you create a specific print area, edit, resize, support for Mockups with multiple print areas quickly and conveniently.

Clipping mask

The Using as a complex mockup section helps you upload new Mockups with complex configurations.

By default when you create a campaign, all Mockups will be taken from the Product Base, if you want to save new or modified Mockups to the Product Base, check Save this mockup to product base mockups for using later .

Updated on: 26/09/2022

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