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Create A New Artwork Or Import From PSD

Create new Artwork

To create a new Artwork, you need to follow these below steps:
Go to Artwork management page
Click Add New
Fill in the information for Artwork and click Save to start designing your artwork

Add New Artwork

Import from PSD

To Import from PSD, follow these steps:
Go to Artwork management page
Click Import from PSD and select the PSD file you need to import from the Media library, or upload it from your computer, or the PSD file from the URL

Upload PSD

Choose PSD

After having selected the PSD file, you need to import it. The processing system converts the PSD file into Artwork and will appear on the waiting screen before the system switches to the Editor screen so that you can edit that Artwork.

Waiting Import Artwork from PSD

Tutorial Video

Updated on: 30/09/2022

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