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Configure Mockup For Product Base

Instructions for configuring mockup for product base

With each product, mockup is an important part of capturing interest from shoppers. When using the PersonalBridge app, you can configure one or more mockups, the system will help you create mockups automatically based on artwork.

To configure a new mockup, click the add new mockup icon:

Upload or drag/drop or select an existing image that you will use as a mockup:

At the mockup editor screen, you can add new images or add new print areas. Add at least 1 layer print area to define the print area on the mockup, this print area will define the space that the artwork will display on the mockup. With each layer you can adjust the size, rotate the position to suit your design.

With image layers, you can set opacity, drag position, or resize, rotate

With print area layers, you can set Clipping Mask similar to Photoshop's Clipping Mask, you can also choose an artwork as preview for easy setting, custom mockup.

To set a preview for the Print area layer, click on that layer and select Preview artwork. The system will display a list of artworks, select the appropriate artwork and press Ok.

Advanced settings

In case you have a complex mockup, for example: the color of the T-Shirt changes according to the corresponding color of the variation or the mockup is only applied to one or a few variations, you can set it in Settings**:

In case your background image is transparent, you can use the option to change the color according to the color of the variation:

Or you can also set this mockup template to apply only to one or a few certain variations, now only those that are active will receive this mockup.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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