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Cliparts Management

What is Clipart?

A complete personalized design template is composed of many small details assembled. Cliparts are images, small details used to help customers choose to change the design.

Upload Clipart

To upload cliparts you need to click on a category, the clipart that is ready to be uploaded will be organized by this category. You can choose Add new or Import from folder to upload.

Add new function will allow you to upload one or more mockups similar to other upload steps. While the Import from folder function allows you to upload clipart in the same directory as the folder tree on the local machine.

Note: when uploading cliparts, the cliparts in the same folder should have the same size (width x height) to avoid problems of position and size deviation in Artwork at the time the buyer changes the clipart value.

Edit the clipart title

To edit the title of the clipart, click on the edit icon of the clipart.

Then edit the title, click the check icon to save or the cancel icon to cancel.

Delete clipart

To delete a clipart, you need to click on the delete icon of the clipart and confirm to delete it. The system will remove the clipart as soon as you tick Yes.

Set color for clipart

Normally, the clipart will be displayed on the store in the form of an image, but if you only need to display it in color, you can use the color setting function.

Note: If the store displays the clipart by color, the category containing the clipart needs to be set to Color Picker display mode.

To set the color, you simply click on the color icon in the top left corner of each clipart.

Select the color and press Save to save.

Set custom thumbnail for clipart

To install custom thumbnails for clipart, simply click on the set thumbnail icon in the top left corner of each clipart.

Then, upload the custom thumbnail and choose Select

Change the order of clipart

To change the order of clipart, you simply drag the clipart to the desired position.

Tutorial Video

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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