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Clipart Layer Configuration

What is Clipart?

A complete personalized design template is composed of many small details assembled. Cliparts are images, small details used to help customers choose to change the design.

Add new clipart layer

Step 1: To add a new clipart layer, click on the add clipart icon

Step 2: Select category for the clipart layer

Step 3: Select an image in the clipart category to use as default value

Step 4: Click the Add button

Format Clipart:

Position: Allows to adjust the position of the layer
Advance: Allows adjustment: height, width, image position, rotation, and tilt of the layer

Layer Settings

When you add a new clipart, the system will automatically turn on the option Allow personalized of the layer. In case you want to turn off the personalized mode, please uncheck Allow personalized, the clipart layer will return to a regular image now.

Configure personalized clipart

Label is the name of the item that will appear on your storefront. If you leave this field blank, the label will be obtained by the name of the layer when you select a clipart.

Help text
Help text describe more detailed of the corresponding clipart.

Choose category
Corresponding category for selected clipart.

Clipart list
List the cliparts of the category and check a clipart you have selected. If the clipart doesn't fit, you can change it by clicking directly on the image to change.

Advanced Settings Feature

Detailed article Advanced Settings for layer

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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