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Campaigns Management


To manage existing Campaigns, as well as create new ones, you need to visit the Campaigns page.


Campaign Actions

In the created Campaigns, you can edit Campaign, the same operations as when creating (1), or duplicate Campaign (2).

In the delete Campaign feature (4), after the campaign is removed, all data will be moved to the junk folder, this function can help you restore deleted campaigns.

Campaign actions.

Quick Push (3)

In this window, the App will display all the connected stores in your account. The status of the Campaign will be shown in the status column with the accompanying color.

You can see details on how to push a Campaign to the store at Running Campaign on Stores.

After pushing the Campaign to the store, you can view the number of Stores that the Campaign has been pushed to, if you want to check or learn the Campaign that pushed to the Store, you can directly click on the circle containing the Store's abbreviation name or hover on it to display a window where the status of the Campaign, the Store name and the specific link of the product are shown when clicking on the eye icon.

Campaign in store

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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