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Artwork Template

What is template?

Template is a design pattern with complete details that has a different layout from the rest ones in an Artwork that the seller want to represent in the same product. Creating multiple templates will give shoppers more personalization options.

Templates in the same Artwork should be synchronizes with theme, design styles, and just different from the layout or the number of details.

For example: In Artwork with Camping & Dogs theme, you can create templates including: 4 dogs, 3 dogs, 2 dogs, 1 dog... see picture below:

Artwork Template 4 Dogs

Artwork Template 1 Dog

How to create Artwork template

Option 1: On the toolbar of template management, just click on "+" icon to add new artwork template, the size of template is inherited from artwork, see picture below

New Template

Basic tools to set template attributes such as:
Rename: used to change template name
Duplicate: used to copy the current template to a new one
Move Left or Move Right: used to arrange orders of templates
Delete: used to remove template from artwork

Option 2: With artwork you import from PSD, the definition of the template follows a very simple rule as below:

On PSD file, you just create groups at the outermost level, each group contains a template artwork (that means all layers belong to template are included in that group). For example as image below:

PSD Group

After importing into App, Artwork automatically separates the standard templates from the PSD as shown below:

Template from PSD

Template Settings

To display template on your store and the user can choose template that they wish, see photo below:

Template setting
Set display title for buyer to choose
The way to display template, for example dropdown, button or image

Dropdown List


To display as Image Selector, you need to set more images for each template as photo below:

Image Selector

Tutorial video

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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