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Artwork Size

Artwork size

The Artwork size is the size of your design area. When creating a new Artwork, you need to set the size for your Artwork as below:

Artwork Size

With the Artwork imported from PSD, we take the size of the PSD as the default value, you can change the size of the Artwork in the settings as below

Edit Artwork Size

How to choose the right size for Artwork

The size of the Artwork will be calculated to increase or decrease to fit the size of the actual print area, so we recommend that you should choose the correct size according to the instructions from the Fulfillment.

Example: If you sell canvas products from CustomCat, your artwork size should be 5,700px x 8,100px.

Besides, your design file size should be in the safe area of ​​the print area.

Updated on: 30/09/2022

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