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Artwork Designer (Editor)

Overview Editor screen

PersonalBridge Editor

The Editor screen consists of 3 main parts in the image above:

The left part (number 1) is the Layer management pane, including all layers of artwork
The middle part (no. 2) is the visual design frame artwork
The right part (number 3) is the properties of the currently selected layer

Tools in Layer Management

Layer Action

To add a new layer to the artwork, choose 1 of the 5 tools as shown above, from left to right are the tools for Text Layer, Image Layer, Clipart Layer, Option Layer and Shared Layer

Mark Layer to allow Personalized

Personalized Layer

With Layers that allow Personalized, we highlight the color of this layer's icon to help you quickly manipulate it.

On the right hand side of each layer there are 3 icons with 3 features as follows:

Layer Icons

Icon used to drag and drop layer order
Icon used to lock the layer fixed on Artwork (Editor)
Icon used to hide/show layers on Artwork

Tools on Editor


The part of the screen that shows all your artwork
The feature to zoom in/out the design screen Editor
Background color configuration feature for transparent artwork (background color is only shown on the design screen, not related to your print file)
The feature to hide / show the grid on your artwork, helps you easily align the position of the layers

Main elements of the layer

Layer Attribute

Properties corresponding to each layer type such as size, layer position in artwork,...
Properties used to set the Personalized layer

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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